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24 Hour Emergency Service


What you'll receive with Marko Septic LLC :

  • Sewer lines cleaned and thawed

  • Innovative water jetting and cable machine technology

  • Septic tank pumping

"Whenever I have had the need for unclogging a sink or sewer line, Marko Septic has always gotten the job done right..." - Roxie B. Ellsworth, WI

It is our goal to deliver your stellar results for reasonable rates. For many years we've been meeting your line cleaning needs. Whether you own residential, commercial, or farming property, we can maintain your system with confidence.

Marko Septic LLC is a local family owned and operated business.

Owners -

Matt and Erica Herink


Trust in our experience


Your Septic System Is Our Top Priority!

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Troubleshooting questions


  • Why is my alarm going off? - The tank may be over full, the pump stopped working or both!


  • Should I add manufactured bacteria to my tank?  No.  The waste that goes into your septic tank provides adequate and good bacteria to breakdown the waste.


  • Septage is backing up in my basement - what should I do?  Do NOT let any water go down the drains and call Matt to diagnose the problem.


Additional Information


  • Do not plant trees within 50 feet of your system.  The tree roots can cause major damage to your system. 


  • Do not put wet wipes, flushable wipes, diapers, paper towels, fats, oils, food waste, paints, chemicals, cigarettes, or personal hygiene products down your drains.

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